Monday, 10 April 2017

skincare & make up favourites

I thought I would share with you some of the skincare and make up products that I have been loving within the last couple of months. I'm a sucker for skincare and I've been trying a few different brands lately and I have discovered some amazing brands.

If any of you reading this, follow me on instagram then you will know that I am addicted to buying make up brushes. I have lost count of how many I actually own but it's well over 60--oops! Last month I purchased  8 piece eyeshadow brush set from Lily England and honestly they are incredible! The set I purchased was £16.99 which I personally think is amazing! The quality of the brushes are so good, they are so soft and they blend absolutely incredibly! I hate with some brushes how harsh they are on your skin but honestly with these brushes they are honestly such good quality at such an amazing price. They are also white with rose gold so what's not to love? Lily England are actually quite a small company and they deserve so much more recognition than they get and they actually sent me a 10% off code just for following them and sent me such a lovely message to go with it which I think is such a nice personal touch.

As i'm addicted to buying make up brushes, I also purchased these rose gold brushes from Amazon. This was a couple of months ago so I can't find the link but I remember they were only about £4.99- i know, how insane! At first I was a bit worried about buying them as I was unsure what the quality of them would be considering they were so cheap but honestly- they are amazing! they are so soft and pretty too! Although, i only really use the eyeshadow brushes and the powder brush as I didn't really like the contour brush- that would be the only let down for me but considering the whole set was £4.99 i can't complain!

A brand I have wanted to try for a while now was Morphe as i've always thought their eyeshadows look amazing and i've always heard such amazing things about them from other bloggers and youtubers. I purchased mine from Cult Beauty which is a site that sells brands that aren't sold in the UK or brands that are hard to get hold off in certain places. As the Morphe Palettes are so popular they are extremely hard to get hold off as their usually sold out but I finally managed to get my hands on one and honestly it is the best purchase I have ever made. I chose the 35o Palette which is incredible. The amount of colours you get for the price is outstanding. The palette has a variation of mattes and shimmers. ( from the photo you can tell what my fave's are) This palette was only £21.50 or something similar although you will also have to pay for shipping but personally I would say go for it. Now I have tried it I would happily pay even £50 for it. It is worth every single penny. These eyeshadows blend so easily and the pigmentation is amazing.

As I have been trying out new skincare brands I came across a brand called Glamglow and I can't believe i've only just come across them! I wish I had found them sooner. I have always suffered from acne-prone and oily skin and these masks are absolutely amazing for that. I have tried so many different brands across the years and the face masks I purchased nothing has ever worked this good. I'm pretty sure they have different masks suited to different skin types. I've only tried the one for acne prone skin but I would highly recommend it.  You can purchase this brand from Boots and It's about £39 which I know is on the pricier side but it is worth every single penny.

I have also been using the Soap and Glory Body Buttercream which honestly smells divine and it makes your skin feel amazing.I also got the body spray with the same scent for my bedroom and I absolutely love it.

I love cute unique jars so when i found this one in New Look for only £4.99 I couldn't resist. It's actually a mug but I loved it so much that I now use it to hold my Lily England Brushes. plus the quote on it, is me 10000%.

I hope you enjoyed reading this :-) Lucyloo x 


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  1. Lovely blog! Adore these brushes. Just found you from a YouTube comment! X


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