Friday, 20 January 2017

I thought I would share with you what products/items I'm loving at the moment. A variety of make up, skincare and home decor. After having a big clear-out recently I have become slightly obsessed with home decor and cute little ornaments for my room. I have noticed that since i've decorated my room how I like it has affected my moods. it may sound silly but I think if your happy with your surroundings then it can really lift your mood. For me personally, nothing is better than a nice evening with a nice cosy throw over you, fairy lights on, hot chocolate at the ready and a nice candle on.

I've actually lost count of how many candles I own, i am so obsessed with them. My favourites are usually Yankee Candles although they are a bit on the pricier side. I've recently discovered the candles that B&M and Primark sell- they are amazing and they are so cheap (usually about £4/£5) which is so good considering they last for ages so you definitely get your moneys worth. My favourite candle at the moment is a candle I brought from Primark a couple of days ago. The scent is to die for. It's quite sweet so i would steer away from this if you don't like sweet scents. The smell also lasts for ages and it was only £4 which is an absolute bargain as it is quite big aswell so it should last quite a while. To be completely honest with you, the main reason I brought it was because of the jar! It is rose gold!  ( you will soon realise I am obsessed with rose gold!)

Something else I have recently become obsessed with is the make up brand- revolution that sells exclusively to superdrug. Not only do their products have incredible pigmentation but their also so affordable. I have a few of their products but i'm in love with their palettes. The eyeshadow palette that I have brought from them is a perfect everyday palette that has colours to suit everyone- matte and shimmers. I usually tend to go for browns but i also love a bit of glitter because what girl doesn't? I have also recently purchased their cream face palette which includes concealers, contour and highlighter. The concealer is perfect to brighten under the eyes which is what I have been using it for. I have also fell in love with the highlighter in the palette. It is so pigmented and is the perfect highlight. I have tried many different highlighters and this definitely my favourite high-street brand for highlighters. If you have a bit more money to spend I would go for the Nars highlighters but the Revolution one is an incredible dupe for it and less than half the price

I am loving liquid lipsticks at the moment but as I have quite dry chapped lips I struggle finding one that doesn't dry my lips out. I can't stand it when they go patchy which is very common in liquid lipsticks but I have recently tried the NYX soft matte lip creams. The formula of these are absolutely incredible. They have such a wide choice of colours. They don't dry your lips out at all and they feel so hydrating on your lips. They also last for ages. I tend to go for pinky-nudes as that's what suits me best and I don't like to go for anything to bright on a every day basis. That's why the NYX soft matte lip creams are so perfect as they have a colour for every occasion and skin tone. They are so reasonably priced aswell as they are £5.50-although the packaging is quite small you do definitely get your moneys worth and I would highly recommend these. The colours I have been wearing are Cannes and Stockholm. I love both.

I have always had problems with my skin ever since a young age. My skin type is oily and  I am prone to breakouts especially around my time of the month and when I eat chocolate. ( It is very common to get breakouts after eating chocolate due to the high sugars and ingredients- unfortunately I suffer from this) But over the past few months I have tried quite a few different brands of skincare. Since I have started using the Alpha-h liquid gold my skin has never been so clear! All you need to do is dab some of the product onto a cotton pad then apply this all over your face morning and night. After the first couple of uses you won't notice much of a difference as it will bring up all the dirt that is clogged up in your pores but after a few days as long as you apply this every day then your skin will be so clear! Even though it is on the pricier side of around £30 for 100ml I promise you it is worth every penny!

Ever since I started wearing make up I have always been fascinated with mascara. The amount of mascaras I have tried over the years is scary hahaha! I have never really been into wearing false eyelashes as they would just annoy me. I am constantly trying new mascaras and I very rarely buy the same mascara twice. I find it hard to find a mascara that not only curls and gives volume to your lashes but that also gives them length! I love long lashes. Last month, I purchased two new mascaras and they work so well together. The Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Reloaded mascara and this is a godsend. It curls your lashes immensely but without making them too cloggy. I love matching this with the Pur Fully Loades mascara- this is perfect for the bottom lashes. Whenever I wear these two mascaras together I always get asked what mascara I am wearing.

Another new brand that I have recently become obsessed with is Kiko as I store opened near where i live. I can already tell I am going to buy so many products from them in the future so keep an eye out. For a while now I have been looking for a glittery eyeshadow and I have found it.  I purchased the cream crush lasting colour eyeshadow in number 5. The pigment is absolutely amazing, it lasts for hours and I have received so many compliments on this. The colour is absolutely beautiful. I purchased this for £4.80 in the sale.

Aswell as trying new make up brands, I have also tried new haircare brands. As I have coloured and bleached my hair so many times my hair is so dry so for ages now I have been trying to find a good treatment for the dry hair, as i tend to curl/straighten my hair most days which can also make it dry and cause split ends. I have recently tried  the Josh Wood hair oil and it is incredible. It has multi-uses so you can see what works best on your hair. I tend to put this oil in my hair before  i wash my hair as it makes it so soft and also helps with knots as my hair gets so knotty. Although, you can use this oil between washes. Make sure you don't use too much oil as it can make your hair look greasy.


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