Thursday, 13 April 2017

Skincare Routine

Hey my loves! I thought I would share with you my skincare routine. My skin is oily and I have always suffered from acne-prone sensitive skin but during the last couple of months I have tried so many different brands and I have discovered some really amazing ones so I thought why not share them with you?!

It is so important to make sure that every last trace of your make up is removed before you sleep so that your skin can breath. To remove my make up I use the Garnier micellar water and I absolutely love it. All you need to do is wet a cotton pad then apply to your face and eyes. What i love most about this product is that it's so good if you have sensitive skin as it's not too harsh.   It's only £4.99 for 400ml so you definitely get your moneys worth! 

Once, I have made sure that all my make up is off I will then use a cleanser to wash my face. I have a few cleansers that I absolutely love and switch between so I thought I would share them with you.

  • Vitamin E facial wash from Superdrug. At first, I was a bit anxious using this product as it is so cheap at around £3 and as it's superdrug's own but honestly it is incredible! The following morning after I had first used it my skin felt absolutely incredible! It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated so this would be ideal for dry skin!
  • No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Cleanser-  I have only just started using this recently but since I have I can really notice a difference with my skin it looks so much healthier and is only £8! This product is great if you have sensitive skin! 

I then go ahead to use the No7 Soft & Soothed Gentle Toner which helps remove oil and any dirt from the skin! It leaves your skin feeling so refreshed! I would definitely recommend using a toner if you suffer from oily skin!  I then use my favourite product ever  which is the Alpha-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid- this product is an absolute godsend! I started using this product around December time and honestly my skin has never been clearer! I didn't expect such a good result so quickly!  I would 100% recommend using this if you suffer from acne as it does absolute wonders! You would just add a little of the product to a cotton pad then wipe all over your face making sure you avoid the eyes! The first couple of days you might not see much of a difference but within about three days all my spots were completely gone! The results you can get from using this product is amazing! It's around £33 for 100ml so its on the pricier side but I promise you it will not let you down! On the bottle it says to use this two or three times a week but I use it most days! I own about 3 bottles of this so it's safe to say i'm in love :-)

My favourite ever moisturiser is the Clinique Moisture Surge- it leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and so soft! It is £34 for 50ml but it lasts for ages! To go along with that i use the Clinique pep start eye cream which is £22 for 100ml. It is so good to help with under-eye circles which I definitely suffer from. 

Three times a week I use a Glamglow facemask. I only discovered them recently but I wish I had found them sooner because their products are amazing! They have plenty of different products suited to different skin types. I have only used the supermud clearing mask but I couldn't believe the results. Their facemasks are around £39 for 34g but sooo worth it. 

As sometimes I tend to get dry skin (especially in the Winter) I use the Nuxe multi-purpose oil which can be used on body, face and hair. I only tend to use this on my body and hair but it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and the smell is divine! This is £29 for 100ml. I also use the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter which is my holygrail at only £10 for 300ml- what a bargain!

I hope this post has been helpful if you are looking for some different skincare brands to try or if you have the same skin type as me. Feel free to leave a comment below! :-)  or follow me on instagram- lucyhighburyxx 



  1. I love the no7 beauty products always end up getting something when I'm in Boots

  2. Looks like such a wonderful routine :D I'll have to check these products out!

    1. definitely give them a try and let me know how you get on :-)

  3. I love a good skin care post! The Alpha H toner is well loved in the blogging world. I've tried a sample and really liked it. My skin tingled. My fave acid toner is by Bravura London x


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