Saturday, 29 July 2017

Make Up Favourites

I thought I would share with you some new make up I brought recently or products that I have been absolutely loving.

I'm going to be completely honest, before I purchased this Make Up Revolution Palette I had never really worn a blusher before as I never really got into them. I could never find a shade pale enough for my skin tone as I am so pale! But after watching a few make up tutorials including this palette I couldn't resist as it so beautiful and the colours are amazing! I didn't want to spend loads on a blusher knowing I don't wear them very often so I thought I would pick up this palette and omg its incredible! I have been using the first shade as a highlighter and for the corners of my eyes as it makes you look so awake and is such a nice shade! I have been using the shade next to it and the one underneath as my blush on the cheeks. What i love most about this palette is that the shades are very build-able and the colours are perfect for pale skin like mine! I have been using the bottom right as a bronzer (perks of having pale skin) and I absolutely love it!

Voilet Voss Holy Grail  Eyeshadow Palette £43
This palette is absolutely incredible! The colours are so pigmented and they are all so beautiful! I think what I love the most about this palette is that i love every single colour! Usually with eye shadow palettes I only tend to use a few of the colours but with this palette I literally love every colour especially Cranberry Splash, Toffee and Transition!  I purchased this palette from Cult Beauty. 

Nyx Intense Buttergloss Tres Leches £5.50

I've never really been into wear lipglosses as I've always been a lipstick girl! I find with lipglosses they don't usually last very long and I usually like to go for a matte lip but as i've heard such amazing things about the Nyx Buttergloss' I thought why not give them a try?! they have so many shades to choose from and are so affordable! I can already tell I will be going back for more. They last so long compared to other lip-glosses' I have tried in the past and they also feel so nice on your lips.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation  £32.50

I feel like I am definitely a bit late on the bandwagon with this one but I really wanted to find a full coverage foundation and this one was recommended. I am so glad that I finally decided to purchase this. The best thing about this foundation is that it is build-able so you can wear it just how you like. For me, personally I wouldn't wear this as an every day foundation as it was quite thick and is on the pricer side of  £32.50 but I would definitely recommend this foundation if you like a thick consistency and are looking for full coverage. 

As much as I love liquid lipsticks I usually hate the formulas as they tend to be so drying on the lips and tend to look quite patchy after a while but honestly? this is the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried! The formula is absolutely incredible, it is not drying at all as it is so smooth on the lips. Like the name suggests it does actually last all day without going patchy at all! I purchased the shade Perla which is my perfect shade. I will definitely be buying all the other shades. 

I have only purchased this recently but honestly this is the best mascara I have ever used at only £9.99!! If you like the better than sex mascara by Two Faced then this mascara is 10000% for you!! It is an amazing dupe at nearly half the price! whats not to love? If you like your lashes to be very full and long definitely give this a try! It also separates all your lashes and gives amazing volume without making them look clumpy. I will definitely be buying this again which is first for me because I never buy the same mascara twice so that proves how good this mascara is! 

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