Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sophdoesnails Palette Review

So I think most of us have seen the new sophdoesnails make up revolution palette and considering it is only £10 gave in because the palette is absolutely beautiful. I was a bit wary about buying the revolution palette because after trying some of their previous products I think this brand is either a hit or a miss! Although, I must say I have completely fallen in love with this brand again. Considering how cheap this brand is their products are actually insane. I am quite fussy when it comes to buying eyeshadow palettes because usually I will buy a palette and then only end up using 3 or 4 colours but that's what I love about the palette Sophie has created.There is 24 colours in the palette- all the colours are sooo beautiful.

The packaging for this palette is so simple but it is so cute and personalised! The palette is like a babypink colour with 'Soph x' written on the front which I think is so cute! When you open the palette it actually has a big mirror which always comes in handy for travelling especially! It also has the plastic sheet with all the names for the colours ( although, I always end up losing these) but names she has called these are so cute! (rosewood, festive flame and fairy lights being my faves)

As you can probably tell from the names, this palette is very autumnal. There is a mixture of matte and shimmers and the pigmentation in these colours are incredible, you don't need to apply much product either which is fab! Personally, I think the matte shades do have more pigment but I am in love with all the colours in this palette. Unlike most palettes I buy I will literally use every single colour in this palette.

I have only used this a handful of times as I brought it last week but I am completely in love with this palette and I can already tell I am going to be reaching for this palette all the time. Sophdoesnails also released a highlight palette aswell as the eyeshadow palette but I haven't picked one up yet but I after looking at some tutorials using this palette and looking at the pigments I am 1000% going to buy this soon so keep an eye out for a review on the highlight palette!


  1. Great Review, been meaning to try this out x

    1. Thank you! honestly it’s so good and so pigmented would deffo recommend!

  2. I love Makeup Revolution palettes! This one looks so pigmented and the colours are stunning! Great review! xoxo

  3. Great review hun!
    This looks like the perfect palette, all the colours are gorgeous and it looks so pigmented! I definitely need to get my hands on this!


  4. loved this post :) i've never tried this palette so I think it will defo be on my xmas list!!!!

  5. Great post. I love the colors. Very beautiful.

  6. That's a pretty palette! Love those shimmer shades!


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